Academic Standing

The CPS Academic Programs Team evaluates student academic performance and the capability of students to complete courses and programs and return to satisfactory progress, if applicable. Students earning a grade of T, OT or F are handled in the same manner.

Students who fail a required course are permitted one additional course attempt. During the second attempt, the student is not eligible to enroll in other programs or other courses for which the failed course is a prerequisite. If the student does not successfully complete the failed course within eight months from the date of course failure (or one year if the course is only offered annually), they will be academically dismissed from the program in which they are enrolled.

Students who fail an elective course or a course taken outside of a program, are permitted one additional course attempt for the failed elective or they may attempt another appropriate elective offered for the program in which the student is enrolled. The eight-month (or one year for courses offered annually) time limit applies to students enrolled in a certificate program.

If a certificate student fails a course twice, the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs assesses the student’s academic record and may permit any of the following: 1) academic dismissal from professional education courses in the College; 2) further repetition of the required course, elective course or alternate elective course, or 3) an alternate plan of course substitutions.

A student who fails a course is permitted to change programs provided they meet the criteria outlined in the Change of Program section in this document and the failed course is not a requirement of the new program in which the student enrolls.

Paralegal Professional Program students who fail one of the first two program courses are required to meet with the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs to discuss the failed grade. The student will be given an opportunity to have his/her work re-evaluated by the Program Director and the instructor. A determination will then be made regarding the student’s ability to remain in the program. Failure of a course other than the first two in the program will require a re- take of the failed course at the full tuition rate.

In the case of academic dismissal, students should consult the Dismissal section of this document.

In assessing continuing progress as it relates to funding or other tuition benefits, the student should contact the corporation, organization or agency from which they are receiving benefits, if applicable.