Acceptance of Prior Courses (Transferring Courses)

Requests for the approval of previously completed non-credit or credit courses toward the requirements of non-credit certificate programs must be submitted to the CPS Academic Programs team at Approval must be received prior to enrollment.

Students in all programs are required to provide evidence of a grade of C or better, a grade of Pass, or continuing education units (CEUs)/ professional development units (PDUs) earned for prior credit consideration. Prior course work must have been completed within the past three years. Transcripts, course descriptions, and syllabi from previous course work may be required, at the discretion of the College. Transferred courses are evaluated against the rigor and academic spirit of the desired program. The College of Professional Studies makes no guarantee regarding equivalence or acceptance of prior courses. For select programs, applicable, reputable industry certifications may be recognized in lieu of prior coursework at the discretion of the College. Course transfers are not considered for two-course programs. For programs consisting of three or more courses, a maximum of one course per program may be accepted for transfer. For the Paralegal Professional Program, students may transfer a maximum of three courses, and each course must have been completed within the three years of the review date.

The combination of approved prior course work and the successful completion of required and elective courses (as applicable) for the particular certificate program constitutes successful completion of the program requirements.

Updated 4/29/24