Attendance policies are determined by the instructors of the various courses. The attendance policy is found in the syllabus and/or the Learning Management Systems (LMS). Attendance is monitored by the faculty member of record and/or college staff. Students not meeting attendance requirements will be notified by the college via their Villanova University student email account. If the college and/or faculty member note that a student has excessive absences beyond what is permitted within a course as outlined in the syllabus or LMS, they should discuss the student’s attendance with the appropriate college staff to determine if a recommendation to withdraw from the course and enroll at another time will be made.   

All students are strongly encouraged to attend all live class sessions (if applicable). Students must attend and participate in required live class sessions as defined in the course syllabus and/or LMS. Students are responsible for all material covered in all required live sessions, regardless of attendance. Faculty may impose grade penalties for missed required live class sessions. These will be outlined in the attendance policy in the syllabus and/or LMS. 

For online courses, it is incumbent on the student to ensure that instructors are informed of their presence at the live, virtual class sessions (if applicable); students should follow the guidance of their instructor for logging into the class meeting and recording their attendance. 

Students should communicate with faculty when they are unable to attend class. Any organizations, agencies, etc. providing tuition benefits are informed of last date of attendance and/or the effective date of withdrawal as necessary. Appropriate benefits may be impacted, and other penalties may exist depending on the rules/regulations of the agencies. It is the responsibility of the student to explore and understand the required attendance and/or withdrawal policies and regulations as set by any third-party agencies issuing the student educational benefits.