Certification & Recertification

                                                     CERTIFICATION POLICY

The College of Professional Studies at Villanova University awards certifications in select fields to individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge and skills in these areas. Certifications can be an important differentiator for an individual during the hiring process and for internal career advancement opportunities.

Individuals interested in earning a certification from Villanova must first successfully complete prerequisite online courses and/or programs, which vary by certification. Once the prerequisite requirements are complete, students can request registration in the respective certification exam from their student support representative. Certification is awarded upon passing the certification exam with a score of at least 70%. Certification exams must be taken within twelve months of completing the associated course or final requisite course of the program. Students are awarded a certification certificate and a digital badge upon successful completion of the certification exam. Certifications and digital badges are valid for three years from the certification exam session start date.

Students who do not attempt the certification exam within one year of completing the associated course/program, or do not retake a failed exam attempt within that twelve-month time frame from the course/program completion, will be required to retake the requisite course or final requisite course of the program at the full tuition rate prior to sitting for the exam again.

Students who do not pass the exam on their first attempt are permitted to retake it two times within the twelve-month window at the retake fee. If a student fails the exam in all three attempts, they will be required to retake the requisite course at the full tuition rate prior to retaking the exam at the retake fee.

                                                    RECERTIFICATION POLICY

Villanova requires recertification every 3 years to maintain the credential. To recertify, students must first submit a request for recertification within 12 months of the certification expiration by selecting one of three recertification pathways (see below) and providing the respective supporting documentation. The request is submitted via a form available on the College’s website.

A 6-month grace period from the date of credential expiration may be granted with approval to earn the continuing education units (CEUs). The 6-month grace period does not apply to the option to retake the certification exam.

If a student is recertifying two certifications within the same calendar year, one Villanova course may be permitted to count toward both certification requirements.

Recertification Pathways

1. Complete two Villanova University courses from the approved list of courses for the associated certification. Courses must be completed within the prior 12 months of expiration of certification.

2. Retaking the certification exam; initial exam fee would apply.

3. Earn 18 CEUs over 3-years from the certification issuance. CEUs can be earned through related professional development activities or combining professional development and approved Villanova coursework taken within the prior 12 months of expiration of certification. Students who select this pathway must submit supporting documents to include but not limited to professional development certificate(s) depicting awarded CEUs, official course completion reports, and course certificates. College approval of related professional development activities is required and is at the College’s sole discretion. Pre-approval can be requested.

Once a student has recertified, they will be issued an updated badge and certificate.

                                                        Elapsed Certification

Once the recertification period and grace period have elapsed, students are required to retake and pass the certification exam, at the initial exam fee, in addition to earning the required CEUs or completing two Villanova courses for recertification.

Individuals with an elapsed certification are no longer credential holders and cannot represent themselves as such. Any requests for verification received by the University will indicate that the certification is no longer valid.

Certification digital badges expire at the end of the recertification period and can only be renewed and re-issued through the recertification process.