Course Progress and Attendance

Course instructors are responsible for monitoring student progress and attendance. Students who are not maintaining satisfactory progress will be notified by the College. Satisfactory progress is defined as attending class, completing projects and/or passing exams as defined by the instructor. Failure to do so is grounds for review of academic progress possibly followed by dismissal. Students should review the course requirements carefully. See sections on Academic Progress and Dismissal for additional information.

Online students must log into the learning management system and engage in academic activity and/or attend and participate in a live session within the first two weeks of a class or they will be removed, assigned a “T” grade (or OT grade for PayTrain®,CMA® and VIISTA), which is equivalent to an “F” and are not eligible for a refund. Regarding attendance at live, instructor-led sessions, online students must attend and participate in 50% of the live class sessions and view the course recordings for any classes missed. Students are responsible for all material covered in all sessions regardless of attendance. Attendance records are maintained by the faculty and an attendance grade is provided at the end of the class. It is incumbent on the student to ensure that instructors are informed of their presence at the live class sessions; students should follow the guidance of their instructor for logging into the synchronous application and recording their attendance.

On-campus/off-campus/on-site students are expected to attend and participate in all classes. Students who do not attend and participate within the first two weeks of a class are removed, assigned an “OT” grade (equivalent to an “F”) and are not eligible for a refund. Attendance and participation in each class will be taken by the faculty member.

Students must communicate with faculty when there are mitigating circumstances. Any organizations, agencies, etc. providing tuition benefits are informed when a student is removed from a course for non-attendance. Appropriate benefits may be terminated, and other penalties may exist depending on the rules/regulations of the agencies.

Students who are approved for an official withdrawal from courses will not receive academic penalty (see Withdrawal from a Course section for additional information).