Deployment, Activation and Re-Assignment

The College maintains a policy and appropriate procedures to assist students who must withdraw from programs and courses due to military deployment or reassignment. This policy applies to a reserve and active military member, his/her spouse or children pursuant to 51 Pa.C. S .A Section 7313.

Any student who is a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard or another reserve/national guard or active duty component of the United States Armed Forces and who is called/ordered to full-time service or deployed under Federal Title 10 activation orders or State Active Duty activation orders under Title 32 (USC 502, 901, or 902 orders only) can initiate the official withdrawal process.

The College will provide the following options for students who have been deployed or reassigned for military service to appropriately maintain the student’s academic and financial records and program progress:

  • The affected student should notify the course instructor(s) of the deployment. A withdrawal form should be submitted to the College of Professional Studies as a request for military withdrawal, along with copies of all applicable deployment orders. See the Withdrawal from a Course section of this document for detailed instructions. As noted in this section, all attempts should be made to submit the appropriate Withdrawal forms and supporting documentation prior to the end of the course, but exceptions will be made if prior notice is not possible due to military necessity such as classified operations.
  • The student or student’s spouse shall receive a grade of “W” for online programs and “WX” for on- campus/off-campus/on-site programs on their Student Course Completion Summary for all courses they are unable to complete due to the official withdrawal. Also, upon release from military duty, the student or student’s spouse will be restored to the enrollment status enjoyed before the duty period, without penalty. The University will refund 100% of the tuition upon completion, submission and approval of the official withdrawal form.
  • Without deployment orders, the student or student’s spouse must follow standard College official withdrawal procedures. An official withdrawal may only be approved if deployment orders are submitted. The student may retroactively appeal the grade and tuition charge to the College upon return with the submission of the appropriate deployment orders.

This policy does not apply to Active Duty for Training (ADT).