Dropping a Course

Students who wish to drop a class must do so prior to 12am on the first day of class by contacting their Student Success Representative or Program Coordinator. Students who request a drop will be removed from the course as if they never registered and provided a full refund by the University. Whether or not a refund is immediately paid out or the funds are applied towards future courses will depend upon the circumstances of the student. For example, in the case of a corporate subsidy, it will be up to the discretion and policies of the company. Students should consult with their online Student Success Representative or CPS Program Coordinator regarding their unique situation. If funds are owed to the student, they will be refunded or available for refund within 40 days of the date the class was dropped.

After the first day of class, requests for removal from a course are considered withdrawals. Students remain financially responsible for the full tuition cost of the course unless and until they request and receive approval for a course withdrawal. Withdrawal refunds follow a tuition refund scale (see Withdrawal from a Course section of this document). Students receiving tuition benefits from a third-party agency or corporation are subject to the policies of that entity and are encouraged to check any restrictions/penalties they may incur prior to dropping a class.

Students who drop a course and have been issued hard copy and/or electronic course materials must return all materials in unused condition to the University immediately upon the confirmation of the dropped course. The student will be charged for the cost of all materials that are not returned, and/or for electronic materials that have been accessed.

Non-attendance does not constitute a drop from a course and does not nullify financial responsibility. See Course Progress and Attendance section of this document for more information.