Under exceptional circumstances, students may request a course extension from their course instructor. Final approval will be granted by the  Director, Professional Education. The Director will provide a deadline for work submission; extensions will not be granted for longer than one week following the end of a course. All extension requests must be made before the final course meeting (on-campus/off-campus/on-site/online courses with live class sessions) or before the last day of the class as found on the professional education calendar (for online courses that do not have a live class session meeting requirement). When a course extension is approved, those students will not be permitted to begin a course for which the uncompleted course is a prerequisite until the uncompleted course has been completed. Missing the end date of a final assignment does not constitute an approvable reason for an extension. Students are expected to know and adhere to all course dates and assignment deadlines.

If an extension is granted, an incomplete (“N”) grade may be temporarily awarded. An “N” grade must be replaced with a permanent grade (A, B..., F, etc.). If student work is not submitted/completed by the deadline issued, the “N” grade will revert to the grade earned based on the work that the student did complete. Instructors have the discretion to then impose a grade penalty for late/incomplete work. If the student did not pass the class, it may need to be retaken, at the full tuition rate, to complete a program or certification.

Updated 4/2024