Program Completion

Non-credit bearing professional programs are deemed completed when the curriculum prescribed by the University has been satisfied. Detailed program and course information can be found in the attachments to this supplement or at or Villanova University reserves the right to change programs, program/course details, and program/course requirements. Discontinued programs and courses in a program will be evaluated for substitution of equivalent programs and courses without penalty. In addition, where feasible, students will be grandfathered in the program into which they originally enrolled. Villanova administration works with each student to create an appropriate teach-out plan.

All courses must be completed through Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies except any prior course credit approved and transferred in before enrollment. (See Acceptance of Prior Courses section in this document.) Students must complete all courses in a program within 36 months of the start date of the first course of the program. Courses that are older than 36 months will need to be retaken at the student’s expense to be counted toward the completion of the program.

Upon successful completion of a course and a program, students are issued an official electronic certificate of completion by the College of Professional Studies. Students registered in the Paralegal Professional, Alcohol & Drug Counselor and Recovery Specialist programs will receive an official certificate only upon successful completion of the respective program. For a summary of completed courses, students may reference their Student Course Completion Summary (SCCS). Final grades will be listed for all courses for which there is not an outstanding balance.

All tuition and fees must be paid before students will receive a certificate.