If students follow the drop policy noted in the Dropping a Course section of this document, they are eligible for a 100% refund of tuition, provided they do not register in another class in the current or next session*. The term “refund” includes voiding invoices for unpaid balances. Refunds may require up to 40 days to process.

A student who withdraws from a course and has paid all tuition costs to Villanova, a refund will be granted according to the below refund schedule*, see Withdrawal from a Course section in this document for additional details.

College of Professional Studies’ Refund Schedule

Courses that run up to 6 weeks in length:

Week Refund
1st Week 100%
Up to 2nd Week 75%
Beyond 2nd Week No refund

Courses that run for longer than 6 weeks:

Week Refund
1st Week 100%
Up to 4th Week 75%
Beyond 4th Week No refund

*For students receiving tuition benefits from a third-party organization such as the military or a corporation, etc., refunds may be subject to the specific policies of that entity. Prior to dropping/withdrawing from a course, it is recommended that students determine any benefit restrictions that may apply.