Withdrawal from a Course

After a course begins, students may request to withdraw from a course if there are extenuating circumstances (i.e., military activation, deployment, extreme medical emergencies, natural disasters, etc.) by completing the withdrawal form posted on the CPS website: https://www1.villanova.edu/university/professional-studies/villanova-cps-experience/advising/academic_support_professional_education/forms_handbooks_and_policies_pe.html and providing supporting documentation. Requests to withdraw from a course will not be considered without the required withdrawal form and supporting documentation. All requests will be reviewed by the Academic Programs Team. Withdrawals must be requested while the course is in progress. Requests for a withdrawal after a course ends will not be approved, unless prior approval was precluded by military necessity (See Veteran and Military Students section).

If a withdrawal is granted, a student’s last date of attendance will be recorded and reported to any agencies, organizations, etc. from which the student is receiving benefits (if applicable). Tuition refunds for approved withdrawals are subject to the schedule found in the Refunds section of this document. Students receiving tuition benefits from a third-party agency or corporation are subject to the policies of that entity and are encouraged to check any restrictions/penalties they may incur prior to withdrawing from a class.

If a withdrawal is not granted and the student fails to meet the course requirements, they may receive a failing grade at the discretion of the instructor. For general course requirements, see Course Progress and Attendance section of this document. Also, see the Refunds section for information relating to return of funds.

Students who are granted a withdraw from a course with a corresponding refund and have been issued hard copy and/or electronic course materials must return all materials in unused condition to the University immediately upon the confirmation of the withdrawal. The student will be charged for the cost of all materials that are not returned, and/or for electronic materials that have been accessed.

Please note that non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from a course and does not nullify financial responsibility.