AGL 110 :
Foundations of Agile Methodology

This course allows students to begin learning the tools used in agile methodology, and how to begin implementing them to offer a better-quality product to their client/end-user while fostering team collaboration and relationships. It focuses on the initial learning topics of agile methodology, including specific team roles, such as product owner, while also addressing the framework behind one of the most popular components of agile, which is scrum. The course also discusses the importance of scrum teams, how they should be formed and their roles. This course is the first in a set of three courses designed to help students learn many of the topics covered by several of the agile certifying bodies including Project Management Institute (PMI) and



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Military Price

Students who are active duty personnel, veterans, spouses and dependents will receive a 15% tuition reduction on each course upon verification of military and discharge status, if applicable.