Degrees and Certificates


LDNC 5000 : Leadership Symposium

Students will learn from highly successful, inspiring practitioners and academic leaders and gain insights for their own professional development. Readings and structured activities will offer students the opportunity to reflect on their current approach to leadership and explore how they might adapt that strategy in light of the lessons learned.

WLDC 3000 : Women's Leadership Development

This course affords the opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth, rigorous professional education experience at a critical moment in their careers.  It will develop and expand an individual’s skills, an awareness of systemic issues related to gender inequality, and explore approaches to systemic change. In addition, the course offers networking opportunities and enables cross-industry connections and collaboration among women seeking to develop their leadership skills and advance their careers. These networks will support the continued professional development of participants and fuel their ability to contribute to creating a more inclusive environment in their own organizations and communities. Offered in partnership with the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership.

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